One of the biggest movie industries in the world, Bollywood and Hollywood, are often compared. Which one is better, which one has more movies, which one have more money, which is more popular – these are all questions on which people are seeking for answers. Although some say that the two of the industries shouldn’t be compared, here are some information that will blow your mind.

Both of these industries makes movies, but at a different pace. While Hollywood makes and produces around 500 movies per year with the audience of 2,6 billion people. Bollywood makes much more significant numbers – they produce around 1000 movies per year with the audience of around 3 billion people. It’s no wonder some people think that Bollywood is more trending then Hollywood. While the Hollywood movie industry sometimes takes pauses and breaks, Bollywood continues to produce more of the entertaining content which puts Bollywood on a pedestal with a number of releases and size of the audience.

However, Hollywood movies are much more expensive for the audience and that is why it’s thought that Hollywood makes a lot more money than Bollywood. Bollywood made around $3,4 billion in 2010 and it is estimated that this number will only grow in the future with the possibility of fast growth that will get Bollywood much more financially closer to Hollywood. However, sometimes the movie industry shouldn’t be only about the money but about the content they provide and the importance of it in their audience lives. That’s why Bollywood ki khabre is considered to be much closer to their audience and their wants and needs. Some even say that Bollywood movies are so important to them, that they have a great role in their life. For example, Bollywood movies have a lot of music in them which deeply affects the music industry as well Bollywood audience not only faithfully watch almost every movie released but they also listen to the songs from the movies in their free time That connection is something that rarely happens between Hollywood movies and their audience.

With that being mentioned, it seems that Bollywood actors have more connection with the audience as well, with more reports on some of them than on some of the popular Hollywood actors. For example, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has more celebrity magazine reports that Tom Cruise that is a name known almost all around the globe.

If you consider everything that is mentioned and take a look at the quality and quantity of Bollywood movies, there is no need to say that Bollywood is a very important movie industry in the world. Not only Bollywood has higher numbers on movie releases and audience, but this industry also has something that is much more important and deeper than that This industry has a real connection with their audience by showing different themes that can affect a big number of lives. Also, this industry employs a bigger number of people no matter what is their religion, their nationality or their skin color. With that being said, it’s pretty clear what are the qualities of the Bollywood movie industry and why this industry can be seen as a better industry than Hollywood as well as why it can be seen as a more trending one. You can also read latest movie reviews in Hindi for bollywood movies which is useful to decide which movie has good review or not.

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